Projects of national interest to fostering the development of the school library learning commons in Canada.

Leading LearningLeading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada

Leading Learning provides a guide for the transition of school libraries to vibrant centres of teaching and learning responsive to the diverse needs of learners today and into the future. It also serves as a measurement tool to help schools determine where they are now with library facilities and programs and where they want to advance to.

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Carrefour d'ApprentissageCarrefour d'Apprentissage

Ce site présente le document L’apprentissage en tête : Principes relatifs à la transition de la bibliothèque scolaire vers le carrefour d’apprentissage au Canada. Dans le futur, il comprendra des ressources pour la mise en place des carrefours d’apprentissage grâce à du contenu et des exemples en français.

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Canadian School Libraries JournalCanadian School Libraries Journal

Canadian School Libraries Journal is dedicated to sharing knowledge about school library research and practice, and is published three times per year. The first edition, Volume 1, Number 1, was published in the spring of 2017. The CSL Journal website also contains the archived editions of School Libraries in Canada.

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TMCTreasure Mountain Canada

TMC is a biennial research symposium and think tank. TMC invites researchers, school library practitioners, educational leaders and policy-makers to move forward together and collaboratively explore ideas, inspire each other and build collective knowledge of the learning commons approach as part of sustainable school improvement.

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CSL Research ArchiveCSL Research Archive

ONE POINT OF ACCESS to scholarly and practitioner research about the school library learning commons in Canada. The Research Archive makes the cumulative work of all TMC symposiums findable.

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