Shape the Future: Host TMC 5

An Opportunity to Shape the Future: Host TMC 5

Is your district or school library association looking for a way to celebrate accomplishments and inspire further progress? Would you like to contribute to professional research to further the advancements of school library learning commons in Canada? Are you concerned about the future of education and the role school library learning commons can play?

If yes then CSL has a perfect leadership opportunity for you and your school district or association. We are looking for a host for the next Treasure Mountain Canada (TMC) symposium. TMC is a school library research symposium which brings researchers, writers, leading thinkers and practitioners together every second year to highlight, analyse, debate and study current research and scholarly authorship to promote continuous improvement in school librarianship and the evolution of the learning commons in Canada. Find out more about TMC:

  • Read the introduction to TMC 4 papers to discover the history and future aspirations of this important biannual event. Connecting the Dots.
  • Visit the TMC website to connect to past symposiums and study the thoughtful research papers that have contributed to building six years of research to support the work of school libraries in Canada.
  • Explore the success of TMC4 hosted in Toronto by OLA at Super Conference 2016.

TMC 4 Highlights

Please consider the many benefits of taking on this important task as the next host of TMC:

  • Inspiration for your membership to contribute their success stories and research
  • Opportunities for professional leadership
  • Collaboration and networking with school library professionals across Canada
  • Contributions to the growth of school library learning commons
  • Home grown research to share with district decision makers
  • National recognition for your local work
  • Opportunity to shape the future

What do we need from the host district/association?

A local planning committee supported by TMC planning committee and CSL would shape the symposium. The TMC planning committee will look after the call for papers, peer reviewing and publishing of papers as well as program at the actual symposium. We welcome program and speaker suggestions  from the local committee so that the event truly supports the local needs as well as national. The local group usually works to find facilities and other supports needed. A facility to support physical and virtual collaboration is key to success as this is not a typical conference but a participatory event where we need flexible spaces, furnishings and robust internet, much like a school library learning commons. The event has traditionally taken place over two days with a dinner scheduled in between to help build community and celebrate our work together. Other than that we welcome creative ideas and solutions from our local hosts.

Past Symposiums

TMC Themes

We’d love to hear from you!

TMC 5 is waiting to be hosted by a school district or school library association in Canada in late 2017 or early 2018.

If you are interested in this opportunity to shape the future or you have questions please contact TMC co-chairs:

Carol Koechlin:
Anita Brooks Kirkland: